Wise.Blue Autopilot

Optimizing campaigns with artificial intelligence

How can Autopilot improve your campaigns?

Marketing Automation can drive an increase in sales by 14.5% and a reduction in marketing costs by 12.2%
Twitter is about what’s happening in the world, it’s the preferred platform for live events. Autopilot - a Wise.Blue automation tool - is always present and up to date. It follows what’s happening and controls your bids, so your campaign is delivering the best results.

  • Predictive algorithm optimizes 24/7 to reach full campaign potential
  • Automates bids based on historical and predicted future data
  • Controls efficiency based on target KPIs and spend limits
  • Reacts quickly to sudden changes in the market and prevents budget overspend
Drive performance automatically with Wise.Blue Autopilot

Built for campaign automation, Autopilot is a product that works round the clock so you don’t have to! Using a predictive AI algorithm, it automatically adjusts bid and budget allocations and optimizes campaigns to ensure targets are maintained.

Autopilot uses AI for data-driven optimization

AI driven decision-making
Changes are automatically made ensuring you hit campaign targets, while analysis is based on the latest data.

Automated hourly campaign analysis
The algorithm works all day, everyday, even when you’re not.

Automation with proven efficiency
Data driven optimization delivers results at a lower cost.

Optimize campaigns
You can make better decisions based on Twitter, Google Analytics or Mobile Measurement Partner data.

Here's how Wolt lowered their campaign costs with Autopilot.

Wolt case study autopilot-1
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Wise.Blue is designed for power users handling campaigns with multi-level complexity.

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