A/B Testing On Twitter

Making better marketing
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Why Is It Important To Test?

A/B testing is a crucial step in the performance marketing process. It helps marketers to compare campaigns with varying marketing content and determine which ones are the best-performing.

With Wise.Blue’s A/B Testing, find out if one landing page has a 60% lower CPL or a 33% higher CTR  than another.

Gather relevant data for impactful decision-making with A/B Testing

A/B Testing allows clients to experiment with different CTAs, visuals and headlines.
Test and identify the best performing ads and compare audiences to discover the most responsive customer groups.


Simplified Testing
No complex setups required

Test Creatives 
Apply the attributes of successful creatives to future iterations for continuous improvement

Test Targeting
Clean audience groups for accurate results across different targeting options

Test assumptions to make decisions based on data



Decide and plan the concept for the A/B test. Test different Ads, CTAs, Titles, Targeting and let the data tell you which ones users prefer!


Set up each campaign, split the test budgets and review each campaign. Then, you let them run.


Review the results of each campaign. Which one performed better?


This is the most important step: take the learnings from the A/B Test and make the relevant changes and budget reallocations for your campaigns.

Here's how Axia identified their best-performing campaigns with A/B Testing

Axia ab
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