Advertise Your Fintech Brand on Twitter

Twitter is one of the most rewarding mediums for FinTech.

Home to more than 300 million global monthly users


million finance-related tweets from US audiences in the first half of 2021


Twitter users are 2.6x more likely to use digital financial tools and services than non-Twitter users


increase in tweets about finance in the UK last year


million finance-related tweets from UK audiences between 2021 and 2022


Users are 1.4x more likely to use Twitter to learn about finance versus Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Reddit, and Snapchat

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Achieve Results in the FinTech Market with our Solutions

The Fintech industry is constantly growing. By the end of 2022, the value of the global fintech market is expected to reach $310 billion, and according to the Market Data Forecast, $324 billion by 2026. For fintech companies looking to capitalize on this growth, an investment in social media advertising on platforms like Twitter is crucial. An ever-growing market for fintech brands, Twitter provides endless opportunities for brands to connect with audiences and in turn, increase conversions. And with an effective performance marketing solution such as, you’re better positioned to unlock Twitter’s full potential.

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Case Study: eToro

One of the world’s leading social investment networks set out to improve their app install campaigns in Italy and Spain and achieve a lower cost per first-time depositors. They partnered up with to test different creative variations and find the best-performing ones.


CPFTD improvement


Cost per result improvement


Higher engagement rate

“We were on a mission to improve our CPFTD as it was significantly above our goal rate. With the help of the team, their continuous support, and suggestions on how to improve these numbers, we were able to decrease our costs, and achieve our KPI targets.”

Case Study: Trading212

London-based fintech company, Trading212, joined forces with to leverage engaging carousels and video ads on Twitter for the purpose of attracting new customers and active mobile app users. The team ensured that the campaign was managed 24/7 with settings focused on CPI bidding and high daily budgets.


Higher investment rate


More leads


Higher volume

“We take our digital marketing efforts seriously and have always maintained high standards. We chose the team to lead us into the Twitter advertising space and we never regretted the decision. They have been a fantastic partner, not only in helping us set up and optimize various campaigns but also in swiftly responding to challenges, especially during COVID-19 lockdowns and uncertainties.” Angel, Head of Growth and BI at Trading 212

How to achieve your KPIs with’s features



    • Share new product launc
    • Notify about latest updates
    • Share coupon / discount codes
    • Put emphasis on promotion or trailers
    • Remind about events & seminars

    “The most popular financial tweets talk about cryptocurrencies, investments, and personal finance. Let help you engage with users that are taking part of those conversations!”


    Automated Catalog Ads

    • Simplify and accelerate the ad creation process
    • Create ads automatically
    • Share multiple ads with variations in text, visuals, and targets at the same time
    • Manage multiple ad accounts simultaneously
    • Schedule ads


    • Deliver results at a lower cost with AI and data driven optimization
    • Optimize bid & budget automatically
    • Gain campaign analysis every hour
    • Make AI driven decisions

    A/B Testing

    • Test creatives / audiences / CTA
    • Improve ad engagement
    • Increase conversion rate
    • Reduce bounce rate
    • Discover the most responsive customer groups
    • Save time & costs

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Our leading performance team consists of Twitter experts, with global experience across multiple verticals and deep technological know how. Think of us as an extension of your team for Twitter performance campaigns.
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We can help you reach the desired KPIs with a combination of senior campaign management experience and in-house tech solutions designed to optimize campaigns 24/7. We also present custom insights on the analysis of your campaign and continuously provide recommendations for further optimization.
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In managing performance campaigns, details are what matter. We can teach you to easily understand data and to set up campaigns for the maximum performance. We inform you of any recent updates and feature changes and highlight opportunities to help you grow faster and more efficiently on Twitter. Let us help you to unleash the long-term value of Twitter.


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