A/B Testing

Test and learn which ads, CTAs, titles, and targets convert the best.


Watch A/B Testing on 𝕏 in Action

​​​​​​​​A/B Testing on 𝕏 will help you

  1. Understand

    what drives growth

  2. Discover

    the most responsive customer groups

  3. Define

    the optimal budget

  4. Decrease

    the CPL

  5. Increase

    the CTR

How to


Decide on and plan out the A/B testing concept, test different ads, CTAs, titles, and targeting. Let the data speak for itself, and discover what users prefer.


Review the results of each campaign. Which one performed better?


Set up each campaign, split the test budgets, review each one, and let them run!


Apply the knowledge from the A/B test, action relevant changes, and reallocate budgets for your campaign.

Why should I care

60 %
improvement of CPFTD

Learn from Axia, the financial services company that wanted to test two landing pages to see which one performed best. They partnered up with Wise.blue in order to make a decision more easily. Only 3 weeks later, the results showed that the first landing page had a 60% lower cost per lead, in addition to a 33% high click-through rate relative to the second.

Why Is It important

  • Wise.blue gives you all the information you need to make data-driven decisions.
  • Choose the best suited data format to accommodate your needs, whether by email, Google Sheets, or Data Studio.
  • Save yourself time by having data sent and updated automatically.
  • Make smarter decisions in the future by using data-based outcomes from the tests.
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