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Wise.blue helps you drive your clients’ results by taking care of:

  • Workflow efficiency
  • Campaign optimization and automation 24/7
  • Unique features
  • Advanced analytics

Outperform on 𝕏 with Wise.blue’s 24/7 technology. Our unique features help you simplify and accelerate ad creation, increase workflow efficiency, and free up resources at the same time. Manually running multiple ad accounts and campaigns in real-time is time and money-consuming – Wise.blue optimizes your bids and budgets automatically and analyses your campaign every hour, enabling you to make smart AI-driven decisions. Improve your performance with enhanced and actionable campaign insights in real-time, with no need for an 𝕏 API connection.

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Case Study: Winclap

Winclap is a digital marketing agency operating in Argentina, Brazil and USA. They were searching for better ways to optimize their 𝕏 campaigns and measure results for numerous accounts at a time. Wise.blue’s time-saving campaign manager was used to manage Winclap’s campaigns, ensuring that all steps were carried out efficiently and performance was improved at every step of the way. Auto reports also enabled them to access real-time reports and track campaign results in order to find the best-performing content and target audiences. Additionally, the A/B testing feature allowed Winclap to compare the performance of multiple campaigns, thus improving KPIs and results in the long term.


Increase in client spending


Increase in client account balance

β€œWise.blue was integral to the success of our 𝕏 campaigns. With access to their advanced performance tools, we were able to manage multiple accounts more effectively and optimize our campaigns for better results. Our client spending and client account balance both grew remarkably, and we owe it to the expertise of the Wise.blue team”

How to achieve your KPIs with our features



    • Share new product launches
    • Notify about the latest updates
    • Share coupon/discount codes
    • Put emphasis on promotion or trailers
    • Remind about events & seminars

    β€œπ• has experienced a 35% year-over-year increase in global ad engagement. Let Wise.blue help you engage users even more!”


    Automated Catalog Ads

    • Simplify and accelerate the ad creation process
    • Create ads automatically
    • Share multiple ads with variations in text, visuals, and targets at the same time
    • Manage multiple ad accounts simultaneously
    • Schedule ads


    • Deliver results at a lower cost with AI and data driven optimization
    • Optimize bid & budget automatically
    • Gain campaign analysis every hour
    • Make AI-driven decisions

    A/B Testing

    • Test creatives / audiences / CTA
    • Improve ad engagement
    • Increase conversion rate
    • Reduce bounce rate
    • Discover the most responsive customer groups
    • Save time & costs

    Auto Reports & Advanced Analytics

    • Blend CRM & 𝕏 data
    • Customize the dashboard for each objective
    • No-delay overview
    • Multi-ad account overview
    • No 𝕏 API connection

Find out what led to WinClap’s 10x increase in client spending

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Our leading performance team consists of 𝕏 experts, with global experience across multiple verticals and deep technological know how.

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We can help you reach the desired KPIs with a combination of senior campaign management experience and in-house tech solutions designed to optimize campaigns 24/7. We also present custom insights on the analysis of your campaign and continuously provide recommendations for further optimization.
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In managing performance campaigns, details are what matter. We can teach you to easily understand data and to set up campaigns for the maximum performance. We inform you of any recent updates and feature changes and highlight opportunities to help you grow faster and more efficiently on 𝕏.

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