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Wise.Blue, is an Aleph Holding brand, delivering comprehensive Twitter Ads solutions that drive results at scale.It was developed by the largest global Twitter partner and leveraged by the leading Twitter performances teams.

As a result, Wise.Blue has been empowering the top mobile native advertisers through unique features and world class executional support, increasing their ROAS by 4-5x and decreasing CPIs and CPAs by 3-6x, thereby securing exponential growth.

Create and optimise complex
setup in no-time



Multi account dashboard, targeting suggestions, segment permutations, custom workflows, 2-clicks to anywhere, filtering engine, detailed changelogs, create or import



For bids, budgets, all at once or individually, mass copy



Bulk image uploads, CTA permutations, mass ads creation, tweet permutations, convenient previews



Multiple access rights levels, different permission groups, complete self-service

Machine Learning driven automation



Automated optimization on the account, campaign or on the ad group level

Volume, efficiency, target CPI and spend limit mode

Optimize for in-app events, automatic bid and budget allocation and deep learning based prediction models

Enhanced and actionable analytics

Oversee and manage the performance of large amount of ad accounts and campaigns in single place



Customized performance dashboards designed for different verticals and objectives

Campaign, geographic and demographic, placement, targeting segment, placement, age ads analysis and insights



Direct integration with AppsFlyer and Adjust

Ability to access all the Twitter and MMP data through real time URLs in jSon, CSV or XLS formats

World class executional support

  • Provided by the leading Twitter mobile performance team in the world
  • With 24/7 support, leveraging international offices across 4 continents
  • Flexible and on demand
  • With responsive tech support
  • And the Solution in language of your choice

How it works

Comlex setup made simple

Complex setup made simple

Micro-segmentation and embedded know-how

Boost ad engagement

Boost ad engagement

Ad permutations and A/B testing

Efficiency Through Automation

Efficiency Through Automation

Automatic optimisation towards crucial KPIs

Real time insights

Real time insights

Enhanced analytics and dashboards

8x more efficient

Wise.Blue increases efficiency across all funnel stages.

8x more efficient

Advertisers benefit from significantly decreased campaign setup and management time. The main beneficiaries are thus the largest scale multi-product and multi-geo advertisers.

Average Performance Metrics

Lower CPI


Lower CPI

Higher CTR


Higher CTR

Lower CPA


Lower CPA

Higher ROAS


Higher ROAS

laptop Screens

Are you reaching your business crucial KPIs on Twitter?

Key Segments

E-commerce / Shopping
E-commerce / Shopping
Key Segments
Utility apps
Utility apps
Content apps
Content apps

Selected clients

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Nord VPN

“The knowledge that the Wise.Blue team has, combined with their hands-on support, is the key to successful performance campaigns. It's a pleasure working with such group of experts. Thank you, guys!”

Deivid Pranchas
User Acquisition Manager
at NordVPN


“The experience of working with the Wise.Blue team was simply mind blowing. Considering the extensive set up of the campaign and the big number of audiences we wished to analyze, we couldn’t have done it without the Wise.Blue technology and the team behind the platform. Sophisticated knowledge about running Twitter campaigns and interpreting results for their optimal use is what makes the team truly unique. Wise.Blue certainly allowed us to understand the full potential of our advertising efforts on Twitter.”

Abhishek Bhatia
Product manager
at Zalando


“We decided to entrust the entire Twitter campaign management to the Wise.Blue team and we were amazed. The team did an amazing job. They are very agile, flexible, transparent, knowledgeable in the matter, and ready to help when needed. With the help of the Wise.Blue team we were also able to be whitelisted on Twitter, which allowed us to fully advertise our product and open a tonne of new opportunities.”

Cameron Roe
Digital marketing lead
at Change


“When it comes to Twitter performance campaigns, we highly recommend Wise.Blue as an overarching solution. Not only is Wise.Blue a top platform, but also the campaign management team was invaluable in helping us with scaling our Twitter campaigns globally. Overall a great platform and a very responsive,

Ohad Shapira
Social Acquisition Team
at eToro

Delivery Her Comet

“In a year's time, Wise.Blue team supported PedidosYa in improving their average CPA.”

Nadine Nickelsen
Director of Paid Social
at Delivery Hero

Prime Phonic

“We are very pleased to work with the Wise.Blue team as they help us to achieve our business goals through advertising on Twitter. They are proactive in campaign optimization and honest with the data that they share with us. Our overall friendly relationship and performance-oriented approach are what make this collaboration successful and results truly amazing!”

Maarten Hoekstra
at Primephonic


"The ability to customize exactly the type of data we need with multiple KPIs, provides us a full 360-view at the click of a button. Our team can get all the specific insights they need, instantly, and in one place."

Misha Syrotiuk
Head of Ad Networks and
Programmatic Ad Buying


"Httpool Mobile Performance Team unlocked Twitter as one of the best retargeting channels for us. Fast-reacting and committed to the goal, the team was not only helping us with campaigns setup and optimisation, but also participating in other processes connected with technical and marketing issues. We are looking forward to trying other Twitter features and products and continuing our cooperation with Httpool in many other directions."

Andrey Kulakov
Head of Marketing at Kefir!


"Httpool Team made great work helping us with our user acquisition efforts on Twitter. Fully open and really supportive they managed to find a new way to deliver our applications to more people worldwide. They helped us not only with campaign management and creative optimisation, but also with all tech and tracking issues. Great work, great team, and great results."

Anton Marchanka
Head of Marketing
at Apalon Apps


"Working with Wise.Blue was a natural decision for Nordeus. We were looking for cutting edge technologies and expert support to maximise results of our user acquisition campaigns. The Wise.Blue technology and expertise allowed us to achieve and overachieve on campaign results for both effectiveness and volume. We developed a high level of trust based on transparency and cooperation and embarked on a journey of a true long-term partnership.”

Dusan Pantic
User Acquisition Manager and Performance Marketer, Nordeus

Wise.Blue is designed for power users handling campaigns with multi-level complexity.

If you are looking for technology and executional support in order to improve your KPIs on Twitter, please apply via the form or contact us at apply@wise.blue.

We look forward to working with you!

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