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Campaign Manager

Fast and easy set-up, as well as optimization of even the most complex bulk edits.

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Import the product catalog and automatically create and schedule ads โ€“ even if the campaign requires hundreds of ads be launched, managed, paused, and updated.

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Optimization of crucial KPIs: AI tool that optimizes toward the best performing campaigns and stops underperforming ads.

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An exclusive feature perfect for product launches and new offers. Trigger user action by reminding users about your hot news and discounts.

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A/B Testing

Test and learn which ads, CTAs, titles, and targets convert the best.

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Reporting and Analytics

Enhanced analytics, tailored dashboards, automated reporting โ€“ convert your data into valuable insights.

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improvement of CPI


The #1 market leader in ordering food online in Latin America

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improvement of CPI


The #1 streaming service

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improvement of CPI


The #1 online football management game

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Digital advertising partner to the worldโ€™s best

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Reliable global leader

โ€œWeโ€™ve been able to achieve hyper-local creative deployment at scale for ๐• (formerly Twitter), which would have previously required a considerably higher workload by the team.โ€

Anton Rudenko
Performance Marketing Manager, WOLT

โ€œWise.blue was integral to the success of our ๐• campaigns. With access to their advanced performance tools, we were able to manage multiple accounts more effectively and optimize our campaigns for better results. Our client spending and client account balance both grew remarkably and we owe it to the expertise of the Wise.blue team.โ€

โ€œUsing the automated report feature offered by Wise.blue has helped us visualize and understand our performance in an easier and timely manner. Thanks to the Wise blue and Genart teams we are now able to take actionable insights at a faster rate and have performance solutions to increase the campaign performances of BtcTurk.โ€

โ€œWise.blueโ€™s A/B Testing helped us to measure the results of our website click campaigns and identify the landing page with more consumer engagement. Armed with this valuable knowledge, we were able to dedicate our time and resources to focusing on acquiring new customers through more rewarding campaigns.โ€

โ€œWise.blue Heart2Remind Feature came as a great addition to the user acquisition mix for the launch of 3D Match in Top Eleven. It allowed us to build an engaging funnel for our lapsed players and make sure we were able to reach them at the right time.โ€

Ognjen Miliฤ‡eviฤ‡

โ€œWhen it comes to ๐• (formerly Twitter) performance campaigns, we highly recommend Wise.blue as an overarching solution. Not only is Wise.blue a top platform, but also the campaign management team was invaluable in helping us with scaling our ๐• campaigns globally. Overall a great platform and a very responsive team!โ€

Ohad Shapira
Social Acquisition Team at eToro

โ€œWise.blue has been an amazing partner which allowed us to scale our campaigns on ๐• and exceeded our expectations both in terms of dedication as well as responsiveness and overall success.โ€

Nadine Nickelsen
Director of Paid Social at Delivery Hero


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