Improving Cost per Sign-up by 81%.

Primephonic is a renowned classical music streaming service that offers an outstanding listening experience.

Launched to create a better future for classical music, it was named one of the best 100 apps in the world by the news media company Stuff.

Primephonic targets

  1. Challenge:

    Expand, launching into new countries, and increasing the user base.

  2. Objective:

    Use a new channel for promoting the streaming service – 𝕏 (formerly Twitter).

  3. KPIs to track:

    Return on Ad Spend and Cost Per Install.

HOW THEY DID IT and Primephonic teams worked hand in hand to achieve the best results possible. Campaigns were being optimized daily and tested towards various KPIs to identify the best-performing ad. The focus was shifted to those ad and target variations that enabled Primephonic to outperform on 𝕏!


  • 46% CPI decreased by 46%
  • 81% CPL decreased by 81%
  • 65% CPP decreased by 65%


Ready to outperform on 𝕏?