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The Gaming community on 𝕏 is influential

There were 2 billion gaming-related posts in 2020 and 2.4 billion in 2021.


of 𝕏 users describe themselves as gamers


of 𝕏 gamers use the platform daily


buy 2 or more games per year


are moderate to hardcore gamers


come to 𝕏 to talk about games

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With, you’re better positioned to optimize your 𝕏 campaigns, automate the ad creation process, build engagement with customers, and achieve your marketing objectives.

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Case Study: Techland

Techland was looking to promote the launch of their new game Dying Light 2 and connect with the 𝕏 gaming community. To achieve their goals, they used’s Heart2Remind feature.


engagement increase


engagement rate


cost decrease


β€œWe set out to promote the launch of our new game Dying Light 2, and Heart2Remind helped us connect with our 𝕏 audiences. Thanks to, our campaign was a success, and we achieved lower campaign costs and increased our engagement on 𝕏 by 230%.” - Anton Rudenko, Performance Marketing Manager, WOLT

Case Study: Nordeus

Prior to the release of the new 3D match feature in their Top Eleven game, Nordeus wanted to create an 𝕏 campaign to engage their audience. To do so, they decided to use Heart2Remind.


engagement increase


engagement rate


cost decrease


β€œThe Heart2Remind feature came as a great addition to the user acquisition mix for the launch of 3D Match in Top Eleven. It allowed us to build an engaging funnel for our lapsed players and make sure we were able to reach them at the right time.” - Anton Rudenko, Performance Marketing Manager, WOLT

How to reach your KPIs with’s features



    • Join gaming conversations on 𝕏, connect with audiences, promote the launch of a new game, share discounts, and remind customers about limited-time offers.
    • Send reminders to users about your new game features.
    • Create retargeting campaigns to increase engagement and conversions.

    β€œThe top 3 countries to tweet about gaming are Japan, the USA, and South Korea. Target your gaming ads to audiences in these countries.”


    Automated Catalog Ads

    • Save time by creating ads automatically and sharing multiple ads with different customers in different locations, all at the same time.
    • For example, you can share different ads with both professional gamers and enthusiasts.


    • Set your budget and automate your bid allocations to reach your target KPIs.
    • Reallocate your budget and adjust your campaign spending to focus on the best-performing campaigns.

    A/B Testing

    • Test a range of target markets and ad creatives, and discover the best audiences and messaging combinations for your business

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