Campaign Manager

Fast and easy set-up, plus optimization of even the most complex bulk edits.

Watch your Campaigns in action

Campaign Manager will help you

  1. Increase efficiency and visibility:

    connect and automate to save time and have better visibility: multiple access rights, filtering engines.

  2. Support

    full ad groups that are not supported in 𝕏 Ads UI.

  3. Collect

    real-time streaming data from 𝕏, Google Analytics, and Mobile App tracking platforms like Adjust, AppsFlyer, Singular, etc.

  4. Duplicate and make

    bulk edits

How to

Set up easily

a fast campaign setup gives you more time to scale and optimize.

Click and automate

manage complex campaigns with a 360-degree view at a click of a button.

Get a full view

your multi-client dashboard lets you view all your accounts at once.

Adjust and scale

Campaign Manager allows you to make bulk changes & adjustments quickly at the account, campaign, or ad-group level.

Why should I care?

400 %
installs increase

Zalando, a European e-commerce company, was struggling to communicate with consumers in 17 European markets simultaneously. Considering the complexity of their performance campaigns and a significant number of different audiences, they decided to choose, and here’s what happened: Wbl Campaign Manager allowed them to manage their campaign in a simple and easy way and ultimately reach all ad group targets. This resulted in the number of installs increasing by over 400%!

Why is it Important?

Manually managing the workflow of a performance campaign can be a grueling proposition.

A successful campaign might require you to update anywhere between 500 and 1000 ads a month, all of which require launching, management, and pausing. Campaign Manager optimizes this workflow by simplifying ad management & running automated campaigns with multiple variables.

Ready to simplify ad management?