A notification feature based on the scheduled reminder technology by 𝕏.

The perfect way to trigger user action by reminding users about your hot news and discounts, product launches and new offers.

Watch Heart2Remind in action

Heart2Remind will help you

  1. Promote

    an important event or moment.

  2. Launch

    your new product or offer.

  3. Remind

    your customers about live events, exclusive discounts and offers.

How to

What customers do

Customers taps the like button on one of your Posts. By hearting your Posts, they opt in to receive your brand messages. After that, they receive a notification & a reminder about an exclusive deal or some other content of your choice.

 What you do

Use the unique feature to attract the customers’ attention during important events or brand deals. It helps increase traffic on a website if customers are informed about upcoming deals.

Why should I care

10 %
Growth in Conversation Increases Sales

Réduit, an online beauty brand, knows that sparking conversation boosts sales. Reports show that a 10% rise in conversation increases sales by 5%. That’s why Réduit utilized Wise.blue’s Heart2Remind, a feature that creates an exciting experience for audiences and drives conversation. They sent personalized reminders to their audience, promoting a 35% discount offer. With the help of Heart2Remind, the campaign turned out to be very effective in generating repeat purchases from buyers.

Why Is It important

Conversions are driven through personalized messaging. Heart2Remind combines triggers & actions with creative excellence to achieve improved conversions.
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