Optimization of crucial KPIs: AI tool that optimizes toward the best performing campaigns and stops underperforming ads.

Watch autopilot in action

Autopilot will help you

  1. Optimize Ad spending and Ad delivery 24/7

    with machine learning and predictive algorithms to reach every objective.

  2. Automate

    bid and budget allocation.

  3. Control

    achieve Targeted Results with Autopilot's KPI and Budget Management. Set Your Own CPI Goals with Ease.

  4. Prevent

    budget overspending and stop under-performing ads: AI reallocates and scales the budget across campaigns according to ad performance.

How to

Set it and forget it

Set your KPIs and Autopilot will work on them 24/7


the AI algorithm predicts results and automatically adjusts the optimal bid and budget to reach your campaign’s full potential.

Prevent overspending

The system monitors campaigns 24/7, which allows an instant reaction to change and prevents overspending. Autopilot will also keep working for you through the night and on the weekends, so you don’t have to do anything!

Why should I care

25 %
CPA decrease

The Wolt team was looking to automate the campaign process in order to save time and increase KPIs. They chose and, with the help of Autopilot, decreased their cost per acquisition by 25% compared to manually controlled campaigns!

Why Is It important

Achieve better results within the same budget: Autopilot applies frequent and data-driven adjustments to bidding, achieving more clicks, installs, and engagement than you thought your budget would allow.

𝕏 is all about ‘what’s happening now’, and Autopilot is in control of ‘what’s happening now’.

Ready to maximize efficiency?