Import your product catalog and automatically create and schedule ads – even if your campaign requires hundreds of ads to be launched, managed, paused, and updated.

Watch automated catalog ads in action

Automated catalog ads will help

  1. Automate

    the creation of ads.

  2. Eliminate

    the burden of manually creating individual ads.

  3. Accelerate and simplify

    the ad creation process.

  4. Optimize

    your workflow.

  5. Free-up


How to


your product catalog & import it to the platform in the .xls or Google Sheet format. Ads will be automatically created and scheduled.

Start a campaign

Automated Catalog Ads optimize the workflow by running automated campaigns with multiple variables – after you upload your product catalog, will create ads in bulk based on the selected ad creative, Tweet text, and descriptions. can even place overlays, such as a promotion or discount code, on top of the image.

Refresh ads

just update your product catalog.

Why should I care

12.2 %
reduction in marketing costs

Marketing automation can drive a reduction in marketing costs by 12.2%, being especially helpful in cases of complicated account set ups - with multiple campaigns and ad groups - such as Wolt’s. Given their extremely complex campaigns, Wolt wanted to make the entire process simpler. They partnered up with, and here’s what they achieved: The Automated Catalog Ads solution enabled Wolt to create a limitless number of ad groups and manage ads from one feed, achieve a simple and clear campaign structure, and automatically create, schedule, and pause ads based on the location, start & end date, and ad status. Designed to save time, Automated Catalog Ads simplify and accelerate the ad creation process.

Why Is It important

Research has shown that marketing automation can drive an increase in sales by 14.5% and a reduction in marketing costs by 12.2%. Automation tools enable users to automate the creation of ads, collection of data, segmentation of customers, allocation of campaign budgets, and much more. As a result, overall productivity and efficiency are improved, providing the opportunity for businesses to increase conversions and sales, reduce costs and boost their return on ad spend.
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