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𝕏 is where players, coaches, journalists, and fans all exist on a level playing field. It’s why up to 76% of people say that 𝕏 helps them find their tribes and bond over significant sports events. #XSports

Across the social media world, 𝕏 has one of the biggest online communities of sports fans.

42% of 𝕏 users are interested in sports while 37% of Instagram and Facebook users are sports fans - 2022 GWI Study.


More likely for Sports fans to use 𝕏 than the average global Internet User


of 𝕏 users are directly influenced by conversations to purchase a product.


of a consumer’s purchase decisions is driven by a brand’s cultural relevance.

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Win Over Sports Fans with Campaign Automation & Creative Features

Marketing automation can drive a reduction in marketing costs, being especially helpful in cases of complicated account set ups - with multiple campaigns and ad groups.

Designed to save time,’s Automated Catalog Ads work to optimize campaigns by simplifying and accelerating the creation of ads. This feature builds ads directly from a user’s product catalogs and schedules them for different groups of 𝕏 audiences.

Unique Features to help you join the Sports Conversation

Heart2Remind, Poll Ads and Conversation Cards are creative features that work for advertisers looking to create upper-funnel campaigns, build brand awareness, and drive engagement.

In turn, you’re able to reach more 𝕏 users and boost your engagement, in the hopes of driving conversions.

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How Coca Cola KSA used Heart2Remind to Engage with X Audiences for the World Cup 2022 Campaign

The Coca Cola KSA team had a goal to encourage audiences to watch a Coca Cola TV ad on specific dates and participate in the FIFA World Cup 2022 campaign. Therefore, they decided to run campaigns with personalized messages and different objectives on multiple platforms. By activating Heart2Remind campaigns, Coca Cola managed to engage 5,250 𝕏 users and get them to opt-in to future communications around this initiative. What did we do? - Launched reach campaigns to promote the event for a week, reach the maximum amount of audiences and attract opt-in users for future notifications - Optimised the campaign group set-ups and creatives between the first and second burst - Achieved significant improvement across metrics from the first to the second burst, with a 55% of decrease in CPL and 42.4% decrease in CPE


𝕏 users

- 55%


- 42.5%


The Heart2Remind feature came as a great addition to help us reach users and remind them to watch the Coca-Cola TV ad for a chance to win a FIFA World Cup tickets. It allowed us to have a direct & personalized conversation with our audiences, reaching them even outside their 𝕏 screens by sending these personalized notification to excite them and be part of the experience.

How to achieve your KPIs with’s features



    • Share new product launch
    • Notify about latest updates
    • Share coupon / discount codes
    • Put emphasis on promotion or trailers
    • Remind about events & seminars

    β€œMore than 75% of 𝕏 users already follow brands, with retailers making up around 30% of them. Outperform on the platform with users ready to buy”.


    Automated Catalog Ads

    • Simplify and accelerate the ad creation process
    • Create ads automatically
    • Share multiple ads with variations in text, visuals, and targets at the same time
    • Manage multiple ad accounts simultaneously
    • Schedule ads


    • Deliver results at a lower cost with AI and data driven optimization
    • Optimize bid & budget automatically
    • Gain campaign analysis every hour
    • Make AI driven decisions

    A/B Testing

    • Test creatives / audiences / CTA
    • Improve ad engagement
    • Increase conversion rate
    • Reduce bounce rate
    • Discover the most responsive customer groups
    • Save time & costs

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