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Ranking in the top 10 social platforms for businesses.


platform for discovering new information


of Twitter users are more likely to be the first ones to buy new products


of people said Twitter users were the first people they looked to for advice


have changed their mind about a purchase after receiving advice from another Twitter user

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On a global scale, eCommerce sales have experienced year-over-year growth. In 2021, the number of global digital buyers was estimated at 2.14 billion, and this figure is only expected to rise in the upcoming years. This is great news for eCommerce brands! Now is the time to capitalize on this continued growth and further increase investments in social media marketing on the most powerful networks, like 𝕏. This is where performance marketing solutions such as can help.

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Case Study: Zalando

Zalando, a leading European e-commerce company, used’s bulk edits, enhanced analytics, and retargeting tools to acquire new customers, testing whether they could scale their business with the help of 𝕏 campaigns. Within 6 months, helped Zalando to improve their metrics by more than 100%.


More purchases


More installs


More app clicks

“The experience of working with the team was simply mind-blowing. Considering the extensive setup of the campaign and the large number of audiences we wished to analyze, we couldn’t have done it without Sophisticated knowledge of running 𝕏 campaigns and interpreting results for their optimal use is what makes the team truly unique. They allowed us to understand the full potential of our advertising efforts on 𝕏.” Abhishek Bhatia, Product Manager at Zalando

Case Study: RÉDUIT

With an objective to increase traffic and sales on their website during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the online beauty brand RÉDUIT ran a campaign on 𝕏.’s Heart2Remind feature, enabled them to effectively connect with their audience and promote exclusive offers.

“We decided to test 𝕏 as a performance channel in our key markets. The team provided us with strategic and operational support, and the Heart2Remind ad format was instrumental in engaging our audience during the high-noise sales period. Full transparency along the way combined with frequent status checks unlocked new knowledge and opportunities for 𝕏 as an incremental advertising platform” Tomislav Britvec, Head of Ecommerce at RÉDUIT.

How to achieve your KPIs with’s features



    • Share new product launch
    • Notify about latest updates
    • Share coupon / discount codes
    • Put emphasis on promotion or trailers
    • Remind about events & seminars

    “More than 75% of 𝕏 users already follow brands, with retailers making up around 30% of them. Outperform on the platform with users ready to buy”.


    Automated Catalog Ads

    • Simplify and accelerate the ad creation process
    • Create ads automatically
    • Share multiple ads with variations in text, visuals, and targets at the same time
    • Manage multiple ad accounts simultaneously
    • Schedule ads


    • Deliver results at a lower cost with AI and data driven optimization
    • Optimize bid & budget automatically
    • Gain campaign analysis every hour
    • Make AI driven decisions

    A/B Testing

    • Test creatives / audiences / CTA
    • Improve ad engagement
    • Increase conversion rate
    • Reduce bounce rate
    • Discover the most responsive customer groups
    • Save time & costs

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Our leading performance team consists of 𝕏 experts, with global experience across multiple verticals and deep technological know how. Think of us as an extension of your team for 𝕏 performance campaigns.
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We can help you reach the desired KPIs with a combination of senior campaign management experience and in-house tech solutions designed to optimize campaigns 24/7. We also present custom insights on the analysis of your campaign and continuously provide recommendations for further optimization.
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In managing performance campaigns, details are what matter. We can teach you to easily understand data and to set up campaigns for the maximum performance. We inform you of any recent updates and feature changes and highlight opportunities to help you grow faster and more efficiently on 𝕏.

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