Maintaining engagement throughout the period of the campaign.

NordVPN serves more than 14 million global consumers.

It was launched in 2012 and was recently recognized as Lithuania’s second tech unicorn.


  1. Strategy:

    To promote a Twitter giveaway for their 10-year anniversary.

  2. Objective:

    To increase engagement rates and the number of subscriptions to their service.

  3. KPIs to track:

    Engagement rate, like per impression, and cost per like.

How they did it

For their 10th anniversary, NordVPN decided to reward their 𝕏 audiences with a giveaway which they promoted using’s Heart2Remind, a brand reminder feature that notifies 𝕏 users of any new content, news, promotions, availability (and much more!) that is available. It’s a great feature to create momentum about a big launch or valuable giveaway! The strategy was to send out a tweet one week after the campaign had begun, promoting the giveaway and inviting followers to like the tweet in return for an exclusive promo code. Once users opted-in to receive the company’s messages, a few more tweets were sent out, including an instant response with the code and reminders to participate in the limited-time offer.’s Heart2Remind enabled NordVPN to send out automated tweets and reminders to their customers, thus maintaining engagement throughout the campaign period.


  • 6% Improved cost per like
  • 1.3x Increased engagement rate
  • 1.7x Higher like per impression


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