Automatic Creative Optimization on 𝕏 with Mercado Livre

Automated Catalog Ads for 𝕏 campaigns for launching active marketing messages fast.

Winclap and Mercado Livre aimed to increase purchases in Brazil and surrounding areas

The largest ecommerce platform in Latin America, Mercado Livre, is currently present in 18 countries and receives over 668 million visits per month with significant contributions from Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico.Β 

Their success in LATAM can be attributed to their innovative logistics solutions and early adoption of a strategy focused on its own logistics network. The company has invested heavily in developing its own infrastructure, leading to exceptional results.

As a large ecommerce platform there’s a challenge to identify the best performing product categories: Solid technology for managing promoted products and updating the creative message with the most up to date information are a must. Additionally, creating and updating marketing messages manually can lead to outdated information and bad customer experience so it is crucial to get it right.


  1. Challenge:

    Identifying the best performing product categories as well as creating and updating marketing messages manually.

  2. Objective:

    Increase Purchases in Brazil and surrounding areas among 𝕏 audiences, 18+.

  3. KPIs to track:

    Cost-per-purchase and Conversion Rate.

Our Approach

In collaboration with the teams from Winclap and Aleph, Mercado Livre utilised platform and Automated Catalog Ads (ACA) for its unique creative technology. That helped automate the launch and update of 𝕏 posts based on updated product feed information and made it easy to categorize the products advertised by internal company standards.Β 

Clients like Mercado Livre with a big product catalog can take advantage of the ACA feature and save time on ad creation. Most importantly, the teams concluded that ACA ads were outperforming regular ads and as a result, Mercado Livre managed to get more purchases compared to past manually managed campaigns.

The ACA campaigns managed to generate significantly better results compared to regularly managed ad campaigns, a 55% lower CPP and improved Conversion rate by 5.2 x, clearly showing the positive impact on customer experience & campaign performance. On top of that, as an additional benefit, ACA significantly reduced the time needed to launch and update the campaigns, helping to reduce resources spent on these tasks.


  • -55% Cost-per-purchase
  • 5.2X Conversion Rate compared to previously manually managed campaigns


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