Automated Catalog Ads and Dynamic
Creative Optimization

Integrate and automate to drive better performance.


Brands have many ad campaigns all running at the same time for maximum engagement and conversion. Automation helps manage these campaigns and with the appropriate automation in place, there is no time wasted and less money spent. 

Automated Ads-1

Automate, Optimise and Analyze

Wise.Blue Automated Catalog Ads will integrate product catalogs to automatically produce ads, this will automate product ad creations showing variations in creativity, price, and availability. Wise.Blue Dynamic Creative Optimiser will identify and optimize the best performer ad.

Manage Campaign Complexity

Campaign management is all about time efficiency and economy. With Wise.Blue, advertisers can spend less time for setup and get more time to optimize and scale. Automate and efficiently manage multiple complex campaigns with a 360-degree view at a click of a button.

Wise.Blue includes bulk edits, bulk creative, and targeting uploads together with tweet permutations. Product catalog integration and ads automation remove the burden of manually creating individual ads.


Wise.Blue is designed for power users handling campaigns with multi-level complexity.

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