Automated Catalog Ads 

Automating ad creation for improved efficiency


Why Automation?

Marketing automation can drive a reduction in marketing costs by 12.2%.
Time and cost saving tools enable to automate ads creation allowing brands to focus on end results.

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Designed to save time, Automated Catalog Ads simplifies and
accelerates the ad creation process.

How Automated Catalog Ads can
help you?

  • Automatically create ads from your product catalog
  • Schedule ads for specific periods, locations and demographics
  • Create multiple ads with variations in visuals, text, and product prices
  • Showcase your best selling products
  • Refresh ads after product catalog updates

How does it work?

This product delivers campaign automation and time-saving benefits with a few, simple steps. It all starts with the Product Catalog - currently, the Wise.Blue platform supports .xls, and google sheets formats.

Configure Your Catalog
Twitter campaigns need some specific additional information, like a ‘headline’, to build an ad and maximize your message. Web and app banners need particular
details that will link to the respective landing page or app store.

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Setup & Import the Catalog
Once the campaigns are created or identified, the configured product catalog can be
imported. Ads will be created and they can also be automatically scheduled.

Update Your Products
Updates to the products in the feed can be made. Any changes will be picked up by the system and new ads will be created during the next scheduled feed update

Wise.Blue is designed for power users handling campaigns with multi-level complexity.

If you are looking for technology and executional support in order to improve your KPIs on Twitter, please apply via the form or contact us at

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