Reporting and Analytics 

Optimizing Twitter campaigns with data


Gather valuable insights with Wise.Blue’s Reporting and Analytics platform

Integrated with website and mobile measurement partners, Wise.Blue provides businesses with enhanced and actionable campaign insights in real time. The data collected from these platforms are presented on customizable dashboards for easier analysis. Furthermore, the analytics tool allows users to break down campaign statistics using numerous filters and graphs and access a more granular report with a wide range of metrics.

Unlock better insights with superior reporting

Learn what’s working and optimize with actionable insights
  • Real-time Data Integration
  • External Tracking Platforms
  • Visualization
  • Customization
  • Reporting module
  • Actionable Insights

Valuable data you can use


Create custom reports that are not available on Twitter
 See meaningful metrics


Import external data into Wise.Blue
View consolidated data


Automate data flow to update data visualization
No need to create a Twitter API connection


Numerous options to review data
Receive reports via email or integrate them with other tools

Here's how Zalando increased consumer spending with Wise.Blue’s analytics and other exclusive features

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Wise.Blue is designed for power users handling campaigns with multi-level complexity.

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