Improving CAC by 46% with Carousel ads.

Glovo is a lifestyle app with food delivery being the most popular offering.

As an official 𝕏 marketing partner, has been cooperating with Glovo helping them to scale and achieve performance KPIs on 𝕏 (formerly Twitter).


  1. Strategy:

    To acquire new customers through a campaign focused on major cities in Europe.

  2. Objective:

    To achieve a lower customer acquisition cost.

  3. KPIs to track:


How they did it

Glovo decided to improve customer acquisition costs, so they contacted whose team of performance marketing experts suggested a combination of Carousel Ads and City Targeting. The campaign ran in major European cities using various ad formats such as carousels that diversified creatives and amplified Glovo messages. After just one month of the test campaign, the performance analysis showcased that the carousels proved to be a far better choice for improving the CAC compared to static and video ad formats!


  • 21% Carousels improved the CAC by 21% in comparison to the static ad format
  • 46% Carousels improved the CAC by 46% in comparison to the video ad format.


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