Using Carousel Ads to improve Cost per Sign-up by 30%.

Wolt is a Finland-based technology company known for its local commerce platforms in 23 countries and 129 cities.

Wise.blue provided Wolt with the technology to automate complex campaigns in-house pursuing performance at scale.


  1. Strategy:

    To launch operations into new cities and penetrate the Japanese market.

  2. Objective:

    To grow a customer base at the most optimal and efficient rates.

  3. KPIs to track:

    CPSU, CTR, cost per impressions, and cost per app click.

How they did it

Wolt decided to go the extra mile in their penetration to the Japanese market and test the best possible way to engage and acquire users. Wise.blue suggested Wolt to use the Carousel Ads, adding the creative space and flexibility that Wolt needed to drive a specific action and deliver the right message. In just two months, the Carousel Ads significantly improved the desired KPIs compared to other ad formats. This has let them further select winning combinations for better performance.


  • 17% Carousel improved the CTR by 17% in comparison to the video format
  • 24% Carousel improved the cost per app click by 24% in comparison to the video format
  • 30% Carousel improved the CPSU by 30% in comparison to the image and video formats


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