How can Digital Agencies Outperform on 𝕏?

December 12, 2022

In today’s world of advertising, companies tend to seek partners who can create impact from every dollar spent and provide insights into the particular techniques and systems that drive results.

Therefore, for marketing agencies, performance marketing — and the act of targeting specific KPIs and metrics —  is the key to growing clients’ ROAS and achieving results in real-time.

<span class=Furthemore, compared to brand marketing, performance marketing is more consistent and resistant to major changes in the market. For one, performance campaigns never end and they stay ‘live’ as long as a client’s KPI targets are continually met. And for these reasons, advertisers often prioritize performance marketing.

However, performance marketing comes with its own particular set of challenges. For many marketing agencies, one of the biggest challenges they face is the constant changes in popular trends and in today’s digital world, only the ones that can adapt will survive.

Using the same solutions and tools over and over again is unlikely to yield different results. Luckily, it’s become easier to find excellent tool combinations that can help agencies tackle day-to-day challenges, making it possible to achieve the best results from 𝕏.

Another challenge agencies face is client retention. As clients usually have multiple goals and KPIs that are constantly evolving, it can be difficult to keep clients satisfied unless you have the right set of tools to ensure that campaigns are always performing their best. 

Additionally, marketing agencies can also find it challenging to automate all their marketing processes while running multiple ad accounts and campaigns, and produce reports that can track the results of each and every one.

All in all, it’s certainly not the easiest task to develop performance campaigns that produce excellent results and this is where a performance marketing product such as can make a world of difference.

What Role Does Play for Agencies?

A powerful performance marketing solution, was designed to help businesses outperform on 𝕏. Thanks to our exclusive features, you can save time and improve the performance of campaigns by automating your ad creation process, comparing the efficiency of multiple ads, analyzing the performance of campaigns and more.

Essentially, will enable you to achieve results you never thought were possible on 𝕏 and grow your agency and your clients’ businesses through improved workflow efficiency.

So How Exactly Can You Boost Marketing Performance with

  1. Automate the Creation of Your 𝕏 Ads

    Marketing agencies tend to be tasked with running multiple ads and managing various ad accounts simultaneously. This is where the power of automation comes in.’s Automated Catalog Ads feature helps businesses automate and facilitate the creation of performance ads. 

    Directly built from a client’s product catalog, ads are designed with variations in copy, visuals and product prices, and shared with your various customer groups. 

    This means that you can share individual ads for all your 𝕏 campaigns, all at the same time. Your ads can also be saved for future use, so they’re ready to go whenever you need them.

  2. Manage Your Bids and Budget Spending with Ease

    Created to optimize ad performance for 𝕏, Autopilot is a tool that works round the clock, saving businesses time and money. 

    With the help of an inbuilt and predictive AI algorithm, this tool will automatically adjust your bids, ensuring that you’re efficiently allocating your marketing budget and achieving your KPI targets with every new campaign.

  3. Improve Your Campaign Management Processes with Bulk Edits and More

    In addition to our automation tools, we’ve also created campaign management tools that help marketing agencies simplify the creation of 𝕏 ads for increased performance. 

    With’s Bulk Edits tool, you can automatically create, edit, and duplicate ads with the click of a few buttons. 

    For example, you can design multiple ads using the same creatives and text, and separate them into multiple groups. You can also adjust daily budgets and bids in bulk, and filter tweets by text, hashtags or emojis for easier editing.

    In addition,’s Audience Manager provides you with the tools needed to effectively target the right audiences, find the most responsive and relevant groups for every campaign, as well as achieve high-quality conversions.

  4. Build Connections with Audiences on 𝕏

    Developed to help brands build relationships with 𝕏 audiences, our Heart2Remind feature enables you to share your brand updates and news about important occasions with your followers. 

    You can promote new brands, share offers with your clients’ customers and launch new products and services.

    In turn, you’re able to provide customers with personalized experiences and gain their loyalty which translates to increased conversions and an improvement in your ROAS.

  5. Compare the Performance of Your Marketing Content

    A/B testing is an essential stage in the performance marketing process, especially for agencies that create ads for many different purposes.’s A/B testing allows you to compare the performance of 𝕏 ads with different content, calls to action and target markets. 

    Through this method, you can identify the best-performing content and effectively allocate your resources, taking you one step closer to achieving your marketing goals.

  6. Measure the Results of Your 𝕏 Ads with Wise.Blue’s Enhanced Analytics Dashboard

    As agencies are constantly working with different types of clients with different sets of KPI targets, data analysis is an integral part of performance marketing. is integrated with mobile app tracking and website analytics platforms, providing marketers with access to 𝕏 campaign data, and insights into audience behavior, interests, and how they interact with your brand’s content.

    The data collected from these platforms are then presented on customizable dashboards for ‘better and easier analysis’. Furthermore, the analytics tool allows users to ‘break down campaign statistics using numerous filters and graphs’ and access ‘a more granular report’ with a wide range of metrics. 

    In turn, this information will help you to restructure your content, effectively allocate your resources, and better organize efforts so you can focus on top-performing campaigns and target the most valuable audiences for your business and all your clients.

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Winclap is a digital marketing agency operating in Argentina, Brazil and USA. With a main goal of empowering marketers worldwide, they’re mobile growth experts, powered by proprietary tech, that aim to help clients scale new channels and strategies.

‘ was integral to the success of our 𝕏 campaigns. With access to their advanced performance tools, we were able to manage multiple accounts more effectively and optimize our campaigns for better results. Our client spending and client account balance both grew remarkably and we owe it to the expertise of the team.’

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